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The Role of Mentorship in Promoting Enthusiasm for STEM Pursuits.

This piece focuses on how engaging in mentoring sessions can heighten interest in STEM. As a representative in this year’s Youth Ambassador program, I am not only creating a prototype to address a specific problem but also serving as an example to my peers and youth, demonstrating that anyone, regardless of their background, can contribute to solving community issues. 

The mentoring sessions provided by the programme enhances motivation towards achieving goals and boosts confidence, and I speak from experience when I say it makes a significant difference. Having attended a series of mentoring sessions, I have developed important skills in communicating my ideas and developing confidence in making my voice heard.


I have been able to build and develop meaningful interactions and friendships with recognised and impactful individuals. Through the Youth Ambassador programme, I have been taken through a deep dive of who my mentor is, his profession and how he is making an impact with the knowledge and skills he possesses. I have had the opportunity to regularly engage him to learn the most from him and be guided on the opportunities available to me with regards to my future career.

The Youth Ambassador programme supports regular communication and support from mentors which is crucial. Mentors play an important role in understanding areas of growth and supporting mentees to achieve their goals. GSTEP mentors encourage Youth Ambassadors to speak openly about concerns and areas of support they require and provide them with advice, guidance and support.


To all young people participating in the GSTEP programme, whether ambassadors or finalists, I encourage you to believe in maintaining determination toward your goals even beyond the program and you will find a genuine interest in STEM. The guidance of mentors is so necessary, and merits focused attention. Utilising the provided tips can aid in advancing your future projects as young persons in STEM.

The benefits of mentorship go beyond enhanced self-confidence, empowerment in personal development, improved goal-setting skills, and the cultivation of leadership and communication abilities. I entreat all young people to actively engage with their mentors to develop themselves.