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Our Team

Delivery Team

DreamOval Foundation manages and runs training programmes to improve the quality of education in Ghana.

The team will be leading the programme management of the programme, as well as managing the work with the public sector, schools and our funders.

Nesta Challenges is a UK innovation foundation Nesta, with expertise in which are experts in challenges prizes.

The team will advise on all aspects of the prize implementation, drawing on their experience of running a similar challenge prize in the UK.

Dext Technology produces science sets which encourage practical learning in science.

Dext Technology will support the project by providing science kits and delivering STEM coaching.

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) is an Africa-wide technology entrepreneur training program, and network of hubs for technology startups in Africa.

MEST will provide coaching and mentoring support to the participants and business development guidance.

Foundervine is an international training consultancy specialising in digital start-up and scale-up acceleration programmes.

The team will lead the youth steering group coordination, including delivering training.

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