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My GSTEP YSG Initiative Programme Journey- Nikita Marhghuy

The GSTEP YSG Initiative, a programme designed to enhance the lives of Ghana’s youth and the nation as a whole, focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), youth engagement, and mentorship. Youth Ambassadors are passionate STEM-oriented young learners who aim to create substantial positive changes in their communities and the nation.

I vividly remember the moment I submitted my application forms, which now feels like just moments ago. This was the opportunity to realise my dream of making a lasting positive impact on people’s lives. As they say, achieving dreams comes with great responsibilities. The journey to success may seem long, but with proper guidance and tools, it can be accomplished quickly. This program has been a continuous source of learning and growth, especially when I reflect on my induction day.

Before joining the GSTEP Youth Ambassador programme,I assumed I was a confident and assertive individual. However, after joining the programme and engaging with fellow Ambassadors, I realised there were many areas of improvement needed. Through their face-to-face classes and mentorship sessions, my confidence has significantly improved over a short period of time.

I also had difficulty in effective communication and badly needed assistance to improve it. I used to struggle with daily interactions and was often seen as unfriendly and antisocial. The problem was escalating. However, during one of our sessions on effective communication, we were taught how to engage with people and make friends easily. I realized I wasn’t shy but lacked the skills to interact well with others.

GSTEP has also nurtured my leadership skills. I always aspired to take on leadership roles but had fears about my abilities and was concerned about how others would perceive me. GSTEP not only showed me how to be a leader but also how to be an impactful one.

The journey, through GSTEP has been fulfilling, educational, and highly beneficial. I encourage all youth to participate in this program, as it equips individuals with valuable skills in leadership, effective communication, confidence-building, scientific knowledge, mentorship, and socialization. Joining this program guarantees a fantastic experience with inspiring leaders.


By Nikita Marhguy

GSTEP Youth Ambassador