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Our Mentors

Susana Sarfo

I am a CEO managing my farm with the background in Agricultural science from SHS through to the University. I have a rich background in what I have learnt and am practically oriented ,result oriented and believe that most of the theories we learn in school can be applied if we work towards being more practically inclined than looking forward to be employed after school.

The job market is already choked and we need the young generation to think outside the box of getting to be employed after university. I am a poultry farmer who started in 2015 to date. I have employed 10 persons and I am a mother with 3 kids.

previous mentorship experience

Mentoring young kids about the need to sustain biodiversity through Agriculture.

I am a GSTEP mentor because...

I believe that I can motivate young people to apply the knowledge they acquire in school to good use since that is what I have done and it’s working for me.

areas of expertise

  • Agricultural science
  • Health and safety
  • Animal nutrition
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Poultry Science