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Our Mentors

Shureya Nasir

Shureya is a graduate from the University  of Cape Coast. She pursued a Bachelor of Education ( Social Science) with a major in Economics and a minor in Mathematics. Related Coursework in her area of study include; Educational psychology, Philosophy of education, Special education, History of education in Ghana and much more.

As an individual who is passionate about educational technology, community development, girl child education, reading and writing and much, Shureya is and and has experience in teaching and leadership development. 

She is currently working with Ghana Education Service as an Economics Teacher in Jamiat Al-Hidayya Islamic Girls Senior High School. She teaches Home Economics students. Shureya encourages her students to become entrepreneurs under providing them with skills training.

She also worked as a Social Studies Teacher at Naro D/A JHS in Nadowli Kaleo district. She uses her talents and skills in diverse ways to impact the lives of her students as well as the community at large. Her work in the school includes; 

Facilitation of lessons, Preparation and design of instructions, Organization, supervision, marking and recording of examination scores of students, Entry of Bio data of students, teaming with other staff members to sensitize the students on COVID-19. Shureya helps students improve in literacy and numeracy by using free periods to teach literacy and numeracy to students. She has plans on providing students with an ICT laboratory.

Shureya worked with Camfed Ghana as a transitions facilitator where she facilitated lessons on financial literacy, my wellbeing, my rights my choices, choosing your career path and much more to Senior High School graduates. She collaborated with her teammates to organize skills training to senior high school graduates on beading and liquid soap making. She took part in zoom meetings with her team when they could not meet in person due to COVID-19.

Shureya has worked with Lead for Ghana as a mathematics teacher where she developed and improved on her leadership skills. Lead for Ghana is a leadership development program which works on providing an excellent education to every child regardless of their background. Shureya served as a district representative for Sagnarigu fellows. She used her skills as an active team player to involve members in meetings and projects for the district. 

She worked with the English teacher to launch a literacy club to help students with both written and verbal english. She embarked on a book drive (a campaign to solicit for funds and books) with her colleague to provide students with books to enhance their reading and writing skills.

previous mentorship experience

Shureya provides knowledge and guidance to students in financial literacy and personal hygiene.

I am a GSTEP mentor because...

I want to make an impact in the lives of young people.

areas of expertise

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health