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Our Mentors

Jane Williamson-Taylor

Dynamic, efficient and driven professional with natural leadership skills with an eclectic background in managing human resources, business development, operations management and project management across various sectors, including Oil and Gas, Maritime, Power and ICT (Telecommunications) in over a decade.

Throughout my career, I have worked with private sector local and multinational companies operating out of Nigeria and Ghana and held various positions of increasing responsibility, collaborating with cross-functional teams, consistently adding value, and delivering outstanding results. I currently work in Human Resources for a leading power generation company in Ghana.

previous mentorship experience

I have done informal mentorship of young people in the areas of personal development and career counselling.

I am a GSTEP mentor because...

I believe mentorship is a way of “paying it forward” – I believe in helping young people discover their potential, build or improve themselves, and seek excellence in any endeavor. We live in a dynamic and challenging world; thus, it’s crucial to be prepared for the present and the future. The primary focus of GSTEP to ‘inspire and empower the next generation through its STEM initiatives is an opportunity that fulfils this personal goal in a structured way.

areas of expertise

  • Personal Development
  • Written Communication
  • Teaching