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Our Mentors

Joseph Obisi

Mentorship has been on my heart and burning passion way back when I graduated from shs in 2013. This passion took me me Global Academy school to teach, mentor and guide jhs pupils in form 1,2 and 3 in science. When I was there I was able to arouse their interest in STEM education through one on one counselling and coaching. The results of the third years in 2014 saw a drastic face-lift where they they got a historic single grade of 8 in BECE. Most of my students now are littered in the public universities such UCC, UHAS and reading fantastic courses such public health and biochemistry. This am determined to do with proper structures in place and take it to next level.

previous mentorship experience

My previous mentorship experience was focused on inspiring students through practical guidance and counselling to excel in STEM education.

I am a GSTEP mentor because...

Leaving a footprint in people’s life is my uttermost joy. Particularly in academia, I am glad when I see people break barriers and limits to live up to their full potential makes me joyous.

areas of expertise

  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Training