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Ashanti Region Finalist Induction Held

25 finalist teams selected for the Ghana Science & Tech Explorer Prize (GSTEP) Challenge were inducted into the program on the 27th of September 2022, at the Anglican Senior High School, Kumasi. The finalist teams are part of 50 teams whose ideas were selected from 844 entries submitted to the Challenge. The teams comprised of  4-6 team members, coming from public and private schools in the Ashanti region.

Giving an introductory speech and a summary of the GSTEP challenge progress to date, Ms. Constance Agyemang, Director of International Development at Challenge Works-UK,  expressed her enthusiasm for the next phase of the Challenge. She stated that the goal is to ensure that the youth are given the needed support to identify and develop opportunities in STEM and entrepreneurship.

Rev. Mrs. Agnes Gaisie, Assistant Headmistress of Mankraso SHS, in her speech spoke about the benefits of STEM education in our world today. She emphasized the need to switch from a theory based education to a practical one and that once this is achieved, a lot of progress would be witnessed not only in our communities and country, but the world at large.

In an address to the finalists, Mr. Siddhartha Jha, Al and Digital Innovation Manager of Fondation Botnar, stated that the programme is intended to prepare the leaders of tomorrow who can address societal challenges effectively by putting technology and critical problem solving to good use.


The finalists took part in a number of workshops throughout the event that were created to give them the knowledge and abilities needed to successfully complete their projects for the Challenge. The workshops covered entrepreneurship, teamwork, project development, prototyping, and STEM-based education. In a practical lesson led by Dext Technology, the finalists had first hand experience in the use of a locally built 3D printing machine.

Each finalist team was also assigned a mentor to work with them over the course of two months through a series of mentorship sessions. The mentors will provide guidance and support for the teams to work together to implement their projects.

The GSTEP program is funded by Fondation Botnar, a Swiss philanthropic foundation that works to enhance the health and wellbeing of urban teenagers around the world. The foundation invests in and supports innovative initiatives and research, and brings together actors from all sectors to foster communication and partnerships. It advocates for the inclusion of youth voices and the equitable use of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies.

The GSTEP program is being implemented by a consortium of five organizations, led by the DreamOval Foundation. The other partners are Challenge Works-UK, MEST Africa, DEXT Technology, and Foundervine-UK, all of whom were present at the event. Representatives from the Ghana Education Service, sponsors of the challenge, and invited guests also graced the occasion.

Notable Ghanaian institutions have also endorsed the program to encourage the development of practical learning in Ghana. Fidelity Bank, Stanbic Bank, Multimedia Group, and Graphic Communications Group are supporting the GSTEP Challenge to achieve its goals. The GSTEP Challenge, now in its second year, aims to improve educational standards, give young people opportunities, and provide STEM-based solutions to local communities. The GSTEP initiative has received commendation from both the Ghana Education Service and the Ghana Ministry of Education.