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Academic City University engages GSTEP finalists in an industry visit.

The finalist support stage of the GSTEP programme focuses on providing finalists with practical STEM skills and knowledge by introducing them to practical applications of STEM knowledge in solving real world problems. As part of the finalist support, teams participate in industry visits to institutions to experience firsthand applications of STEM concepts and ideas.

On Thursday 26th and Friday 27th October 2023 some finalists of the GSTEP Challenge in the Greater Accra visited Academic City University to experience firsthand the cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art facilities, and the academic ambiance that fosters the growth of future STEM leaders.

The students were warmly welcomed by the esteemed staff of the university who provided a brief introduction of the school, the programmes offered and how the university was working to encourage furthering of STEM education in Ghana. These academic experts engaged in enlightening discussions, answered questions, and offered insight into their latest projects. Such interactions were not only inspirational but also crucial for the students’ understanding of the dedication and hard work required to pursue a career in the sciences.

The university’s commitment to innovation was evident in its cutting-edge technology. Students were introduced to advanced equipment and high-tech machinery including laser cutting, 3D printing, virtual reality and robotics. Witnessing the use of these technologies left them with a profound understanding of the role of innovation in scientific progress.

The laser cutting session provided the students with an introduction to the laser cutting process as well as protocols and guidelines to ensure safety during the process. The teams were also taken through the process of 3D printing and had the opportunity to try their hands on some simple 3D designs. There was so much excitement and laughter resounding during the virtual reality session. The teams were taught to understand and had the opportunity to use VR headsets, controllers and other associated hardwares. Finally, the students were introduced to robotics with an interactive discussion on how robotics can be used in various STEM fields and in solving everyday problems.

The visit was a transformative experience for the students as they were introduced to how practical the subjects, they are learning in school are while opening their minds to the possibilities around them through STEM. As they left the university, the students carried with them a renewed enthusiasm for STEM, a deep appreciation for the pursuit of knowledge, and the realization that their own journeys in STEM could one day lead them to such incredible heights.